03.01.14Just an update

1. FaceMan is in the studio working on #4 full length album! Definitely our best work yet. We are tight from playing these tours last year, but we are also stretching. These studio sessions are the way an album should be made. Due out late summer 2014.
2. Mixed the Kerosene record with myself, Dean Hirschfield, and Mike Brown (NYC). Lined up artwork from Ravi Zuppa. REALLY need to wrap this up and tour in support of this historic (yes I said it) record.
3. I have been writing and practicing some new music! I want to record it and play some shows. One problem: I am not good enough to play this music yet. I am in the woodshed I hope it will see the light of day soon.
4. Wow, my summer is crazy! Is everyones summer crazy?! Tons of shows. Details soon.